DAte : 8th - 11th march 2023
Location : The Nairobi National Museum

Political Dialogue Village

The Political Dialogue Village, previously known as the Political Parties Expo, is an event that aims to bring together political parties from across the country to exhibit their platforms and ideologies. Political parties will have the opportunity to showcase their policies and programs, as well as engage in inter-party dialogue and debates with one another. This will provide a platform for voters to understand the different political ideologies and to make informed decisions.

The Political Dialogue Village will feature speeches by top political party officials, who will present their party’s vision for the future and respond to questions from the audience. These speeches will provide an opportunity for political parties to reach out to voters and to explain their positions on key issues. The event will also provide a structured setting for conversations between political and civic actors on the performance of democratic institutions. This will allow for the exchange of ideas and experiences on how to improve the functioning of democracy in the country.

The Political Dialogue Village, is an important for the promotion of democracy and the strengthening of civic engagement. By providing a platform for political parties to engage with each other and with the public, it will help to foster a more informed and engaged citizenry. The event will also serve to enhance transparency and accountability in the political process, by providing voters with the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the positions of the different political parties. This will contribute to a more robust and inclusive democracy, in which all citizens have the opportunity to participate and shape their future.

This year’s Political Dialogue Village will feature a lineup of relevant and thought-provoking topics that will spark important discussions and debates. The first topic, “The Burden of Tax and Debt,” will delve into the impact of taxation and public debt on the economy and citizens, and explore ways to alleviate these burdens. The second topic, “Kenya’s constitutional duels: Is it about power struggles among the elite?” will examine the root causes of political conflicts and the impact on democracy. The third topic, “Post General Elections 2022 Evaluation Report – Looking Back to Move Forward,” will provide an opportunity to reflect on the recent elections and identify areas for improvement in the future. The fourth topic, “Maturity and Progressiveness of Political Parties to Fix Ailing Democracy,” will assess the role of political parties in promoting a mature and progressive democracy. The final topic, “Democracy and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” will explore the relationship between democracy and sustainable development and the role of political parties in promoting sustainable development. These topics will provide a platform for meaningful discussions and contribute to the advancement of democracy in Kenya.

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